Fresh Microgreens


The tendrils of the pea microgreens are tender and sweet and offer a flavor similar to fully matured Peas. Toss them in your salad or stir-fry them with oil and garlic. Pea is a nutritionally dense SUPERFOOD packed with a huge amount of nutrients and health benefits. It is high in vitamins A, C, K and is a great source of Folate (folic acid) along with carotene and antioxidants. It actually contains 7 times more vitamin C than blueberries and 4 times as much vitamin A as a tomato! "Micro Pea" could also aid in the prevention of Cancer with its Chemoprotective compounds: Carotene, Folate, and Antioxidants which help the body fight free radicals known to be associated with the mutation of cells. Micro Pea also contains Phytonutrients that provide anti-inflammatory assistance to the body which is also good for a healthy heart. Packed with dietary fiber and helping to support the immune system, Pea microgreens bring many benefits to you and your diet.


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