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Nice to Meet You

Nice to Meet You

Kyle Villareal

I am the Owner-Operator of Clover's Microgreens.
Like many of you I had tried sprouts before but had never heard of "microgreens". Once I discovered them I noticed them always being used as a garnish. Or for sale at high end grocery stores for top dollar. But I could not find a local supplier here in the Valley so started the research train and for two years I dug in and learned all I could. Once I felt confident I decided to give it a whirl for my own consumption. I learned a lot in the first few months, so I decided I was in love with this idea of providing a clean healthy eating food to my family and decided to share with you!    


Beloved pet and Inspiration for our designs and logo

She runs the show here, don't worry she always wears gloves and a hairnet :)

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