How can I use fresh microgreens?

We're so glad you asked! Some of our favorite ways to utilize them are:

  • Let them be the star! a mix of greens, some olive oil, your favorite vinegar and some feta cheese makes an amazing side.  
  • Sandwiches & Wraps - choose your favorite microgreen and pack as much as you can, the texture and flavor will set that sandwich game on fire!  
  • Salads - This is another place where any of our greens will shine!   
  • Smoothies & Juices - All of our greens can be used for this and pack your smoothie/juice full of flavor and nutrients! 
  • Soups - Our micro basil and cilantro adds a kick of flavor added before serving your favorite soup!
  • Tacos - Our Radish and Spicy Salad mix is great for this!
  • Breakfast - Our peas and sunflowers can hold up to a little sauté throw them in a pan and sizzle away!

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